How to change twitter handle

How To Change Twitter Handle In 3 Easy Steps (with pictures) In 2020

Your twitter handle is the refection of yourself in the world of social media. And you need to choose it wisely. But unlike your birth name, the process to change twitter handle is very simple.

Twitter handle

Your Twitter handle is the reflection of your digital persona. It helps to define who you are. Not only that, it helps to tell people what you are in your personal and professional life.

We can see many Twitter handles that might be famous. But many of these Twitter handles have been created using fake ids on twitter. People post fake funny tweets through these handles by creating them here.

Your Twitter Handle and Twitter Display Name are not the Same

People often confuse between twitter handle and twitter display name. To make it clear, both are different.

Your username is the same as your Twitter handle. This username or twitter handle works as your login id on twitter. This twitter handle in the URL of your profile.

Using this Twitter Handle you can login to your official twitter account. When you tweet or retweet a tweet, this twitter handle appears in the notification center of your followers. If you direct message someone on twitter, your twitter handle will appear.

Your display name is generally your original name. It is the name that you use in the physical world. People know and recognize you in the real world by this name. Your display name is just above your twitter handle on Twitter.

Change Twitter Handle and Display Name

It is never too late to change your twitter handle and display name. We can see many celebrities changing their twitter handle after they became famous. They do this for swag and to gain a fan following. But they hardly change their display name.

I am here to show you the process to change the twitter handle. I will also guide you on how to change the display name on twitter.

Steps to Change Twitter Handle On Desktop

Step 1) log in to your official Twitter account

The first thing you need to do is log in to your Twitter account. Do it normally as you do it every time. Enter your username or email along with your password.

Twitter handle

Step 2) Go to the Account Settings

After you log in, click More > Settings and privacy on the official twitter website. After that go to Account. The Account tab will open by default on the website.

Twitter handle

Step 3: Changing your Username

You’ll see the option of Username. Click on the username option. Now, just type in the name of your choice in the text field. Your username can be of 15 characters or less.

Twitter handle

It may be possible that the username that you entered might be taken. If that is the case, you will receive a message stating that that the username is not available. You will have to enter another username resembling your choice.

There you go!!! You have successfully changed your twitter handle. You have the freedom and liberty to change your twitter handle as many times you want.

Steps to Change Twitter Handle on Twitter’s Mobile App

Step 1) In your mobile app, tap on your profile icon. After select “Settings and privacy”.

2. Click on the “Account” icon.

3. Click on the “Username”.

4. Fill the “Username”

Below the “New” option, type in a new and unique Twitter handle. If you need further assistance, Twitter will provide a list of alternative suggestions for you to select from.

Steps to Change your Twitter Display Name

Step 1) Log in to your official Twitter Account

Just as before, log in to your Twitter account. Do this by entering your username and password.

Twitter handle

Step 2) Visit your Profile

To access your profile, tap on your profile picture visible on the left side of the computer screen. After that tap on the profile option that you see on the left side of the screen.

Twitter handle

Now, select the option Edit profile. It is a very big button. This button is present on the top right corner of your computer screen.

Step 3) Changing your Twitter Display Name

Type your name in the Name text field. You can easily locate this block below your profile picture. There is one advantage of the display name over the user name. Username always needs to be unique.

Twitter handle

As far as your display name is concerned, it can be the same just like that of other users. For example, Martin Jones can be the display name of more than one user.

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